How to Increase Traffic To Blog

How To Increase Blog Traffic In 2019? ft. Cloudways Hosting

A blog’s success it fully depends on how much traffic it is getting. You can easily create a new blog in just a few minutes because today all the process have become easier and anyone can do it easily without having any programming knowledge.

How to Increase Traffic To Blog

However, creating the blog is only the first step of the blogging, the most important thing is to get traffic on that blog which is a bit difficult job because there are millions of websites presents on the internet with the same type of content. this increases the competition on getting views on your blog post.

You have to work so hard to get your blog to discover to users so that they will come to your blog and with that traffic, you can earn some money. every blogger in the start faces this problem as a new blog is not known to many and don’t get sufficient traffic. to get a sufficient amount of traffic a blog has to put its 100% efforts and after a few months they start getting good traffic but the question is how you can get traffic on your blog faster?

The answer to this is you can increase the traffic on your blog just by optimizing the performance and speed of the blog so that users will get faster performance and then they will return back due to fast user experience.

How To Increase Blog Traffic?

The technique to increase the traffic on your blog is very simple just make the blog run faster so that people can easily get the data of your blog or can surf the blog faster so they will not have to wait to load the blog pages which is very frustrating and no one likes to wait for a blog because they have many similar data present on another blog so they will bounce to that if they will feel slow speed.

To increase the blog speed you have to make sure your web hosting is fast and the server is not taking time to load the blog pages otherwise it will slow down your blog and your blog will rust.

Now there are over hundreds of web hosting available who promises to provide faster service and maximum support but once you buy these web hosting then you realize that you have a done a very big mistake. So it is very important to check the web hosting before buying it because the blog speed is depended on web hosting.

So to make you reduce your work we have mentioned the best web hosting provider which is guaranteed to provide you the world-class service. Many bloggers have used Cloudways to increase the blog speed and they have got the best result and I am sure you will too get it.

You can blindly trust on the Cloudways hosting company because it is in the market of many years and has gained all its customer’s trust because they are always there for providing any kind of assistance anytime and anywhere is needed.

How Cloudways Will Boost Traffic?

Cloudways has the potential to make your blog run faster and smoother as it is one of the faster cloud hosting in the market. When it comes to increasing the speed of the blog then it comes with many advanced and premium techniques to increase the speed. Some of the features to increase blog performance and speed is mentioned below.

  1. Cloudways CND

Cloudways offer CND hosting which means the data accessing speed is 10x faster than other web hosting servers. CND is the method to transfer data between server and user when the users request for any data on the blog.

In ordinary web hosting server when a user requests to access blog data then the query is sent to the main server to fulfill it and in the case when large traffic tries to access the data then the traffic load on the main server increase and this leads to making the blog slow or even down.

On the other hand, CloudwaysCND has many servers present on different locations with the duplicate data so when a user request for data from the main server then the main server will send the query to the nearest server to the user so the accessing speed will reduce and the user will get its data as soon as possible. This method increases the blog speed way more than ordinary hosting and also there is no chance of server slow down.

  1. SSD Storage Disk

In most of the web hosting the storage of the blog sever uses HHD disk which is a bit slower but Cloudways uses SSD disk which is faster than HHD so the data present on the disk is getting accessed in less than seconds which will make the blog load pages very faster.

  1. Bandwidth

Suppose if you are getting huge traffic then the problem you will face is the bandwidth limit and if the limit will be not sufficient for handling the traffic then your blog will crash so to make sure this doesn’t happen then you have to choose the web hosting who offers good bandwidth limit.

Cloudways offers in its basic plan about 1 TB which is more than need and this much bandwidth can easily handle any amount of traffic on your blog without making it slow or getting crash.

Cloudways Top Features

Cloudways offer premium features with a lot of free features which are mentioned below.

  • 25GB SSD Storage
  • 1TB bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free site migration
  • Free trial( without credit card)
  • CloudwaysCND
  • Dedicated firewalls
  • 2-factor authentication

These are the top best features which will help your blog to increase traffic as these features will make your blog run faster and will get good SEO ranking so that it can have the chance to appear on the first page of the search results.

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