Make Your Blog Famous

How To Make Your Blog Famous In 30 Days & Earn More Money?

If your blog is not growing and getting enough traffic on your new blog then there are many methods to optimize your new blog which will increase its performance and your blog will become famous within 30 days.

Today, I am going to tell you the simplest and effective method which will make the blog faster and also increase the user experience. When the blog will be fully optimized then it will become very easy for your blog to become famous and this can be done within 30 days.

Before starting with the method it is important to know what are the factors which affect the blog’s success and how we can use those factors to increase the blog’s performance and make it successful.

Make Your Blog Famous

SEO For Blog’s Growth

SEO is the most important factor which affects the blog’s growth and performance. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means it is a bunch of techniques and methods that increases the ranking of a blog’s in the search result of any famous search engines like Google search, bing search.

How SEO is important?

SEO is important because there are about million of blog present in the vast internet and the search engine only shows 9-10 websites on the first page. The research has shown that 95% of users only click on the first-page website and don’t go to other search result pages.

So for getting traffic on your blog for making it famous, it is important to get a good amount of traffic on your blog and this can be done only when your blog will be shown in the top 10 websites of the first page.

Now everyone tries their best to make their blog shows in the search results the first page by increasing their blogs search ranking and this is done by the SEO techniques.

Top SEO Techniques

The top SEO techniques to increase the blog’s search ranking which will make the blog very faster and able to show in the first page of search results.

  1. Blog’s Speed

The most important factor which affects the SEO ranking of a blog is its speed. The speed plays a very important role in making a blog famous. The reason is that every user wants to access the blog very fast and don’t want to wait for the blog to load its pages. This makes the user frustrated and they jump to others blog to surf faster.

The studies have shown that more than 95% of users only waits for 3 seconds to load the blog pages and more than that they bounce.

so the SEO technique is to make the blog speed as faster as possible which can be able to load all its pages in less than 3 seconds so that the users don’t have to wait and with the faster speed users will have a good user experience.

When more traffic is will be driven and surf on your blog the SEO ranking will be increased so is the DA and PA which is the rank of a blog. with more ranking the chance of appearing in the first position increases.

  1. Server Uptime

The second important factor is server uptime which is how much time the server is online. it is important as different servers have different uptime. This can be understood as when users are accessing the blog and suddenly it gets unavailable for users to access the blog. the is due to the server gets down which decreases the chance of getting more traffic and also making if famous.

  1. Lightweight Blog

The weight of a blog is also a way of increasing its search ranking. The blog with less weight has a higher chance of appearing in the top position on the first page than the blog with more weight.

The weight of a blog depends on the size of the blog theme, thumbnail, banner size, plugins, and other files. So it is better to keep the blog as lightweight as possible so the ranking will increase.

For making the blog lightweight you can use the simple themes which have less size.

now the speed of the blog and uptime totally depends on which quality servers you are using. There are many web hosting available, some are cheap and some are expensive. However, going for cheap web hosting is not a good idea because they offer less amount of data that is not sufficient for the blog.

here is the best web hosting provider to get the best results at an affordable price.

Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways is the most widely trusted and used Cloud hosting. the speed of the server is very fast and they promise to give 99.9% uptime of the server which means there is 0.1% of getting your server down. Cloudways offers amazing extra features with the deals like you get free SSL certificate, you can migrate the blog on a different server as many time as you want and you don’t have to pay any migration fee, it is completely free with all plans.

Talking about increasing the blog speed then Cloudways offer SSD storage which is way faster than HHD disk. It will increase the data accessing speed up to 3x and you don’t ever have to worry about the traffic load on the server.

Cloudways uses CND technique to reduce the load on the server. The CND technique is work as it has many servers situated in the different geographical location and when any user wants to access the blog data then it goes to the main server and that server will send the query to the nearest server to the user. This reduces the data accessing time between servers and also the traffic load is not on the main server.

With the Cloudways hosting the performance of your blog will increase and also the SEO ranking will go and in just 30 days you can observe the amazing result. When the blog will become famous then you have a higher conversion rate of ads and also you can do affiliate promotion once your blog will get huge traffic then you will earn more money.

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