How to Start an Affiliate Blog

How To Start An Affiliate Blog To Promote Web Hosting & Make Money Online?

If you are finding ways to make money online then you are on the right website because here I will tell you how you can easily make good money online by starting an affiliate blog? and promote web hosting on that website. if you are not familiar with the affiliate program and how to make money from it then don’t worry, all the things will be cleared in this article.

What Is Affiliate Promotion?

This is a method of promoting any companies product to your friends and families. It is the easiest method to earn money online, you just have to promote the companies product anywhere you can find good traffic source and when someone will buy that product from your affiliate or referral link then you will get a commission on each sale you will make.

What Is Affiliate Blog?

Now, to promote the affiliate product you have different options like you can promote it on your facebook page, Instagram page, youtube channel or website. it totally depends on your choice and comfort on where you want to promote. However, among this website or blog is the best way to promote it because in a blog you can describe the product in a most detailed manner and also put some attractive offers which will attract more traffic and this increases the conversion rate. While on other platforms you need huge follower base then only your product can be visible to vast users and from that only few will be converted while on the blog only interested users will come to read the blog post and have the higher chance of a conversion.

How to Start an Affiliate Blog

How Much You Can Earn From Affiliate Blog?

The earning is completely depends on how many conversions you are getting. When someone will buy the product from your affiliate link then the company will take some time to verify the purchase and after the verification is done then you will get your commission.

The commission is decided by the company unlike in Amazon and Flipkart affiliate program where you get some percent of the product price. but in web hosting affiliate program the commission is fixed per sale.

However there is no limitation on making the sale, you can make as many sales as you can and you will get a commission for each sale. the commission will increase when your rank or level increase in the affiliate program. In the start, you will be getting 50-100$ for per sale but after you will reach a higher level then you can easily get 200-250$ per sale.

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Which is Web Hosting Affiliate Program To Start With?

There are many web hosting companies who have their affiliate program but the problem you will face in some program is that some of your sales would be not showing or not getting enough commission or even payment kept on hold. So to avoid working with the poor affiliate program, you should only choose the affiliate program who is offering a good commission on per sale and also provides good customer support and give your payment on time.

We have done the searching work for you. we have found a best web hosting affiliate program- Cloudways affiliate program. It is one of the best affiliate programs which offers amazing support and good condition to the affiliate marketers.  You can start working with Cloudways in just a few minutes, the signup process is very quick and simple.

Let’s dive into more details about the Cloudways affiliate program.

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Cloudways Affiliate Program

It is one of the finest affiliate programs who give advanced promotion tools for doing the promotion easily and also you can track the full details about how many users are clicking on your affiliate link and who have seen it with the help of analytical tool provided by Cloudways.

Cloudways offers flexible promotional strategies like you can promote the product through graphical images or banners which can be easily added to the website or you can add the referral link in the blog post so that they can buy the product from the link.

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How To Signup For Cloudways Affiliate Program

The process of registering with the Cloudways affiliate program is very simple. you will have to go to the official website of Cloudways and there in the top menu, you will see the menu “become an affiliate” then click on that. Then you will land on the affiliate program page of Cloudways there you will see the “start” button. Press it after that fill up the registration form and then you are ready to start.

In the Cloudways affiliate program account, you will be given some affiliate tools like statistics to see how your promotion is performing. There you will have a unique referral link which will be used to promote the product.

Remember that you will only get a commission if the purchase is made through your referral link otherwise not. In the affiliate account you can see all the sale you have made and when will you get your payment.

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How Much Commission Offered In Cloudways Per Sale

Cloudways affiliate program has a level system where you will get more commission as you will make reach a higher level. In the first level, you will get 50$ per sale and as you will reach to the highest level then you will get 250$ per sale.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, Cloudways affiliate program is one of the trusted web hostings from which you can easily make up 1000$ per month or even more. There is no limit on how much you will earn. As your level will increase by making more sale then you will be making 250$ commission per sale.

The affiliate program is the easiest way from which you can make money online with the help of your blogging skills. However, do not expect in the start to get large sales because in the start your blog will be not discoverable to many users and once your blog will be getting good traffic then you can easily make more sale.

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